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    New addition from the DNW auction of the 3rd.....one from a group of eight
  2. 3 points
    ... and here is the other - 1823 2nd type:
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    Yes....this morning I remembered who I was.....
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    From memory (radio college was 50 odd years ago) ground wave propagation is limited and most HF long distance communication relies on sky wave (radio waves travel along the surface and off into the sky). As the earth cools at sunset the boundary layers move and it's possible to "bounce" the sky wave off the layers in ever increasing distances of bounce. HF works well with this phenomenon because of wavelength and density of layers. MF has not enough power to bounce more than a couple of times but in sunspot activity this can change. The same goes for VHF which normally passes straight through the layers with no bounce. It's an age related thing that these facts, possibly well garbled, pop in consciousness every so often.
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    Might be worth asking the seller for better pictures Mike?
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    This reminds me of my time in submarines some 40-50 years ago when from time to time we would have difficulty in clearing our 'check reports' (during non-covert ops these were mandatory signals we had to transmit during fixed time-slots to confirm to MOD at Northwood that we hadn't sunk). The South China Sea, North Atlantic and Southern Arctic were (if I remember correctly) particularly difficult areas and more often than not we could only clear the signal via say, Cape Town or some other equally distant station. This was quite remarkable if you consider that frequently we would transmit these signals while submerged at periscope depth with the radio mast only a few feet above the surface. I seem to remember references made to 'sky wave' effect. I was just a simple navigator and while I was quite used to using the equipment, the science behind radio communications was all very mysterious to me; somewhat of a 'black art'. Those were the days! Frank
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    Obv 9 by looking at the nostril alone. The lines need the coin to hand to be sure of.
  8. 1 point
    I was going to say 8. I haven’t seen the other photo, but the nostril looks shallow and the legend not as thick as obverse 9, to me. 🙂
  9. 1 point
    I would say obverse 9, the second photo of his ad is a little clearer and looks like double incuse lines to the leaf veins, the single raised line veins tend to look narrower in photos. Jerry
  10. 1 point
    Dave, sorry to jump in on this message but I really think your over thinking this all, there's aren't conspiracies out there. I don't sell gold proofs or these graded £5 as I simply can't afford them, like most collectors, however abroad there has been for years high demand for this type of coin and they've driven the market place for them. If they are willing to pay the prices mentioned it doesn't mean people are pushing an agenda of greed. Im sure you've sold coins at a profit in the past, and if a dealer does there's no harm.
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    Here you go ! This medal exists in brassed bronze (as shown) as well as in bronze, gilt bronze, white metal and silver. I have all except the silver striking which is very rare. Not sure if this actually dates to ~1936 or whether it is a later fantasy, but it rarely turns up in pristine condition which to me suggests an earlier manufacture if not contemporary.
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    Back in the 60s, I was a "Saturday Boy" at Marshall Amplication in W7. Duties mainly involved humping and lumping and sometimes accompanying the hire gear to a gig if Jim didn't like the look of the roadies. Since then, I've hardly ever had the back off an amp but the local amp repair service heard a bit about my ancient history and I get invited for a look-see every time he gets an old Marshall in for service. Prices on some of that gear is getting a bit worrisome too.
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    There are degrees of radio nuttiness. I have two lifeboat radio transmitters, an Atlanta receiver by Marconi of the type I sat in front of on and off for 11 years and various other esoteric bits of radio kit but I'm not a ham. Propogation of radio was essential knowledge in order to clear radio traffic. After the end of the area radio scheme in the 60s it became necessary to try and contact the UK on HF with a transmitter that was 120 watts radiated at best. Bouncing off layers was either an art or pure luck.
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    At the same auction as the 1926 ME penny I picked up two decent half crowns - here is the first - 1927:
  16. 1 point
    Meant to post this a few days ago. It's my F160 now freed from its MS64 slab, photographed and suitably cropped. It's much the scarcer of the two 1905 types and I've been trying to get a decent one for some time.
  17. 1 point
    I think you know why. 🙁
  18. 1 point
    My latest, a Group I Type 1a1 Half-crown Ex Dr Burstal Collection
  19. 1 point
    A couple of newbies: 1898 Shilling courtesy of Rob 1818 Crown
  20. 1 point
    I experienced a similar problem with DNW. I bid, I won, I conquered, or so I thought. It was even mentioned on my invoice which I paid. Later I received a call that there was a bidding error and it had been sold to another bidder. After a couple of emails they did find me a very worthy replacement for the same price. I was very pleased with their willingness to correct their error and satisfy me as a disgruntled customer.
  21. 1 point
    Interestngly, I submitted 3 commission bids to Lockdale's last auction, and received an invoice showing that I'd won 2 lots. I paid immediately and then received an email saying that someone else had won one of those lots with a bid that was well below my highest commission bid and I was due a refund. After kicking up a stink and showing them all the evidence that I had won both, I have now had confirmation that I will receive both. Are there errors in the systems that they use ?
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    Thanks chaps - that's exactly what I thought, but couldn't quite believe that London Coins would make such a schoolboy error.
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    Fake. London Coins should know better.
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    This is what was under the crud- still a horror... That auction is odd- I've told the guy that he's already sold it but he isn't listening....
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    Wow - I didn't see that until you mentioned it... first glance I thought it was a piece of squashed rabbit poo. But I see the bust and see what you mean now about Vespasian. Maybe too worn to tell, but I see where you are coming from. .