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    As I've said before on here I don't often buy coins these days but will, once in a blue moon, spend an idle hour or so grubbing about on Ebay. It would seem there are still occasional bargains to be had as I've just bought this. BIN £1.50, and with free postage.
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    Been sorting through some of my old photos from the Falklands and scanning some of them in. I rather liked this one - an old wreck hull being used partially as a storage warehouse by the locals:
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    Another gap filled in my Edward VII Sixpence date run. Only need to find a 1902 proof to complete this series.
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    OK, it's not that funny, but was worth buying.......
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    Here are a couple of pics of our place after 2 years of renovation. Got to start on the barns next. The wildflower meadow in front of the house gets cut from late July, its a mass of fritillaries, cowslips, primulas etc in the spring. Jerry
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    I'm not sure personally. If they have fallen, I can't say I've noticed. There will always be collectors and the collecting mindset will attach itself to something well documented - Peck, Freeman and Gouby were the pathfinders in that respect for modern milled pennies. They aren't solely reliant on the baby boomer generation for continued interest. Just as ancient coins were never reliant on people who were alive when they were circulating. At the end of the day, I collect pennies because of the interest and multi variety and certainly have no intention of selling my collection, irrespective of value.
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    The features of this 2009 Lady liberty was puzzling me as to where i’d Seen it before, then I realised
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    Not my pics but a recent addition.
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    Don't panic Richard, you have had these thoughts before. The market for high grade pennies, especially high grade rarities is always on the up. Anyhow, what would you do with the money ? stash it in the bank at 1.5% interest. Selling would give you more time to watch the adverts on the telly !!
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    There are worse examples...my personal favorite is this monstrous penny token from early 19th century Canada. Particularly fond of the random chisel marks in the field of the die to try and get some semblance of lettering going.
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    Ja! Ja! Though I had to Bink a few times to see it...
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    The auction raised £17 million and he gave it all to a charity of his choice.Plenty people have a few quid who are tighter than paint. Hat off to him 👍
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    Looks like an adjustable toilet seat
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    There's one like that for crows and vultures: KEEP CALM AND CARRION
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    I'm sure most will already be aware of this relatively recent initiative by London Coins, which is a full catalogue of coins and prices realised from their signature sales - full individual named collections. If not, the link is here Well worth a browse if you get time and haven't already seen it.
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    Here it is. Interviewing a Rose farthing? That must've been some powerful stuff they were puffing on at the FS offices back in the 1980s…...
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    Colin's "update" - was a handwritten list of each item number that had been sold off the list which he then photocopied on his fax machine. He would send this to anyone that was unlucky when they phoned up for an item. Inverted commas to emphasise it was his special touch of customer service.
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    He's very good at sleeping, is Frank.... He came in the workshop recently, when I was really busy, him miaowing his head off as usual, pretending he was starving to death, so I quickly grabbed the pack of cat treats, poured some out under his nose, and he looked up like I was an idiot. I was. I'd poured him a neat pile of ground coffee......
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    1997 Baldwin 125th Anniv Sale: Price before commission 1952 Penny - 21k quid 1952 Halfcrown - 22k quid So how much would the proof 1952 2/6 go for?
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    Like the stock market the numismatic market has cyclical ups and downs, and by virtue of their size , design and available literature pennies will always be amongst the more collected. Like stocks and shares you have to look at the long term. I have no intention of disposing of my collection, indeed a downturn is a buying opportunity. Just buy at the right prices and items that have lasting appeal to you and make sure your family know who to speak to when you pop your clogs, they will likely be pleased and you won’t care! Jerry
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    You're quite right - this is an old topic! Memories of the 1970s are more vivid than those of last year...