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    Meant to post this a few days ago. It's my F160 now freed from its MS64 slab, photographed and suitably cropped. It's much the scarcer of the two 1905 types and I've been trying to get a decent one for some time.
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    A couple of newbies: 1898 Shilling courtesy of Rob 1818 Crown
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    Not much happening on here lately 🙂 Another recent upgrade that probably most people dont want or look for although i think they are scarce due to only being another dot / flaw and looking at a lot of 1922 pennies to try and find them. The only one i have seen that sold at auction was in the Workman sale. 1922 DOT and again like the 1909 DOT in the updated Freeman.
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    OK - nothing to compare with some of the pennies acquired by other members, but I was pleased to add this to my collection today: 1859 Penny with the small date and the first type of "9". Came in a job lot at a local auction, so doesn't owe me much:
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    Been waiting for this to reappear since the Brady sale in 2011. W/SA groat with the Rose mark on the obverse (Allen obv. B). Not as common as the lis marked groats, with 4 known to me as opposed to double figures for the Lis coins. The BM has a nice one, but as it was illustrated in Hawkins (1841) must have been there for nearly 200 years and maybe longer. Of the three doing the rounds, two are impaired (one chipped, ex-Montagu 402 (bt. Ready and his lot 702), Clarke-Thornhill 566 and Dupree and the other has a hole, ex-Montagu 402 (bt.Ready), Walters (1913) lot 663, SCMB 1960-1 and Glens 1981), leaving this the best available by a country mile. The provenance has been pushed back a bit and is now ex- Montagu V lot 401, O'Hagan 512, Roth I lot 330, Morrieson 659, Ryan 1331, Fred Baldwin collection and Brady 378.
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    My latest, a Group I Type 1a1 Half-crown Ex Dr Burstal Collection
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    Won yesterday at DNW: something to fill the hole for Queen Anne in my halfpenny collection ! Pattern by Croker, Peck 731. It looked nicer in the hand on viewing, especially with respect to the cabinet friction/wear on the hair. No provenance so will be doing some research.
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    Like any other TPG, you buy the coin and not the label.
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/English-Penny/382949337069?hash=item59298f27ed:g:XDYAAOSwngRc2REW Genuine English Penny embossed with her magesty queen elisebeth the 2nd head. Including nose. Including nose?
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    I would agree, I'm one of very many no doubt trying to find an example of each of these half crowns in high grade with a good strike I think I have a decent 1919 or two (pictured below, which do people rate highest?), but still need upgrades to 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914 and 1917
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    old toilet stolen in Blenheim Palace burglary 1 hour ago Share this with Facebook Share this with Messenger Share this with Twitter Share this with Email Share Media captionThe 18-carat golden toilet was previously displayed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York An 18-carat solid gold toilet has been stolen in a burglary overnight at Blenheim Palace. A gang broke into the Oxfordshire palace at about 04:50 BST and stole the artwork, Thames Valley Police said. The working toilet - entitled America, which visitors had been invited to use - has not been found but a 66-year-old man has been arrested. The burglary caused "significant damage and flooding" because the toilet was plumbed into the building, police said. It was part of an exhibition by Italian conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan that opened on Thursday. The 18th Century stately home is a World Heritage Site and the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. It is currently closed while investigations continue. Speaking last month, Edward Spencer-Churchill - half-brother of the current Duke of Marlborough - said he was relaxed about security for the artwork. "It's not going to be the easiest thing to nick," he said. Police said they had nothing to go on
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    Time flies they say and staring at he clock, it feels really hard to come to terms with the fact that the last CCA at Croydon took place this morning. I have been a regular at CCA from the mid 90s and though their standards dropped quite significantly after Laurie Bamford they still managed the odd rarity, which made the trip to CCA from one end of the of the country to the other a worthwhile exercise. In my experience CCA could have been one of UK's top 5 coin auction-houses, but somewhere down the line they lost their way. In any case they leave behind a vacuum that would be hard to fill and I hope they will be remembered for the innumerable penny rarities that passed through their doors. I would have loved to have been there this morning if my dog hadn't broken its leg so I am having to send my wishes over the ether. My best wishes to Graham and Linda with whatever they plan to do next.
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    Well, no I don't. Other repros - like Ed VII, 1933 pennies, and different Vicky coins - are made recognisably different and only a fool or a novice would be taken in. If it's so lifelike, then it's no longer a repro, it's a deliberate fake and designed to deceive.
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    Awww come on, this coin is the 2nd head and includes nose, can't get much better than that
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    I was second bidder on the Edward penny. Then I woke up....
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    Here is the letter in full from the January 1970 edition, a copy of which I'm now the proud owner. Just need February and April for a full 1970 set now:- Colin Cooke alright.
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    What a waste of good petrol.
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    OK, I confess, I bought the 1922/27 penny. Had to at that price, LOL.
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    Well all my coins must be FDC then
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    Perhaps not the rarest coin never the less hard to find in the higher grades. A PCGS MS 64 halfcrown
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    It's easier just to look up
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