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    The pig has landed. Charles I W/SA I-40 halfcrown with boar's head mark on the reverse. A nice deep tone with underlying blue and gold highlights hides the graffiti in hand. Quite chuffed The Allen obverse die I appears quite early in the chronology being paired with a number of reverse dies that are also variously paired with the early SA below die G, the 'Cannonball' die H and the two lions marked obverse A. This would indicate that the boar's head mark seen on this halfcrown, the BH reverse sixpences and the bird marked shilling obverse B are also early in the sequence.
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    Sums it up nicely...worth watching.
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    It has no chance of regaining the faith of the people, since the traitorous bunch have thwarted Brexit at every turn. The reputation of MPs was very low prior to the latest shambles, but now is even lower, if that was possible. Now they have stopped Brexit, they have disenfrachised 17.4 million people, for many of whom there can be no redemption whatsoever for MPs. And despite their treachery, there are still some like Dominic Grieve who think that its so unfair to try to deselect them, that they have some god given right to be in Parliament and are so much more intelligent and knowledgeable that the plebs that they despise.
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    This is interesting viewpoint from Germany.
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    I agree, that’s a very odd statement ozjohn. Debate is what’s going on here, and it’s a sensible, easy-to-read, way to present it. I can’t imagine for a second that Rob sees Chris’ arguments as anything other than food for further debate?
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    acquired this at Heritage for $32 hammer.
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    In some ways the betrayal of Brexit will make the job of those parties that want to leave very simple tt the next election. I can see the message on the side of the bus right now: 'Vote The Traitors Out.' It should resonate with a large number of voters and may result in a very different political landscape in the future! Hopefully with the loss of a whole slew of remainer MPs: the likes of Anna Soubry for one, but maybe many others as well. If so, then good riddence.
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    Arrived today from the US NGC MS64 1914 florin an upgrade to the one I had. Probably more bag marks than I would like and one always hope for a better strike. In the scheme of things not a bad coin with the lions in the top shield better than most examples you see.
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    The EU will need all 27 to agree, France have already made clear it would not. It is an unfortunate conclusion, all motions have been tabled and none are acceptable to a majority, these options included a referendum, remaining, Corbyns ideal and other alternative customs union etc.. The way forward now would be a clean break no deal scenario, that would be the shot up the arse reality check that both Parliament and the EU need to sit down and get a deal done.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with the way Chris replies to posts either. Just a friendly word ozjohn, I think some of your remarks are getting too sharp and personal. Chris has refrained from commenting on your posts regarding Brexit for a while now. Perhaps it is diplomatic to do the same and accept his opinions differ from yours.
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    Chris was replying to Rob's post, which itself had quoted and commented on Chris's standalone post above. I've already stated above why he might reply the way he does - a point which you completely ignored. Now when he has written a standalone post and he responds to the poster replying to it, you're still having a pop at him. What's your problem?
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    Superb "old school" design. Better than some of the dumbed down modern garbage designed by infantile minds for infantile minds.
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    Dream on. The EU is and always has been the property of the six founding members, as indeed it should be. They originally came together with a plan to have integrated economies, with each constituent country contributing something different to provide the whole. They didn't need a seventh, or eighth, or whatever country to come on board. Why was de Gaulle always opposed to our membership? Because we were more likely to side with Germany than France. France and French politicians see France's perceived political clout as probably the most important consideration. They always have done. They are currently opposed to any concessions because our leaving will improve their relative importance. The EU remains fundamentally unreformable because there is no mechanism for reversing policy. The Euro is killing the southern countries and without political union will do so ad infinitum. The quid pro quo is of course Germany's obscene balance of payments surplus courtesy of a weak Euro exchange rate relative to the strength of the economy. All those German funded (and to date also UK funded) payments to the new and under-developed countries are promptly recycled into the purchase of German industrial output. The chronic unemployment seen in the southern countries makes it manifestly clear that the system is not healthy. Germany pays, and will be paying more in the future, but is able to do so, and so the ship sails blissfully on. Every country that has joined since the 1950s has effectively been providing a semi-captive market for the goods of the 6. It's their ball, and whether you are allowed to play depends on how much you bribe them.
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    Lake Titicaca late last year.
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    Because it is almost impossible to get hold of a perfect currency specimen. You find a BU example but there is a weak patch on the reverse where the crown meets the shield. And when you find a fully struck reverse, then the upper ear and mustache are flat and /or some hair details are missing. Then you find one well struck on both sides (which is difficult enough) but the coin has lost some lustre which suggests a trace of wear. It is easy to upgrade on one specific area of the coin but just very difficult to have the complete package.
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    1758 8 over 7 I think Sixpence.
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    I have not posted for a while but here are a few additions: 1745 Sixpence
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    One thats a bit different (daft ) that i bought last week. A couple of other different types have been touted about recently but only wanted one 😉
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    Just thought I'd start a new topic on this, there is much to debate, not for the first time I am sure! A while back I acquired 2 'pieces of eight' examples, the type collector in me wants at least a 4 reales, example and an octagonal counter-stamp example. Here are my 2 (Mexico and Bolivia (Potosi) mints), would love to see other members' examples!
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    DNW win at the half crown auction today. Halfcrown, 1644, mm. plume on obv., Br on rev., small Bristol plume behind horseman, three Bristol plumes above Declaration, date below, pellet at start of legend, 14.37g/9h (Bull 640/1c (D13-1a); Morr. B-1; SCBI Brooker 980a, this coin; N 2489; S 3007) Provenance: J.G. Brooker Collection; bt Spink. Bull lists this Brooker specimen in error under 640/1a (but note the diagonal flaw through the centre of the 6) and gives an incorrect weight of 12.83g
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    Class 10ab London( the old Fox bros 10b) have a look at my Grunal Moneta facebook photo albums for hi rez photos and photo illustrations of all the Edward I penny sub-classes you will find it useful https://www.facebook.com/654941368041899/photos/a.664540367081999/664541107081925/?type=3