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    1865 / 3 Satin 56c
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    Been doing a couple of pictures that i think look nice ,so thought i would share them. 1865
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    The 1911 proofs are often very nicely toned, due, it is thought by many, to the materials in the box the set came in. Discussed and shown before, but here's mine - I think it's truly beautiful
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    My latest Charles I halfcrown, courtesy of Messrs. Bull & Worby
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    Opened the bathroom cabinet and three bottles of Omega 3 landed on my head. Luckily my wounds were only super fish oil.
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    And something more mundane - as it says on the label.
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    Things are a bit dead at the moment, so let's try to breathe a bit of life into this place. P1163 Taylor restrike pattern halfpenny.
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    Came in drunk last night and didn’t want to wake anyone up I went to the kitchen and stuck two French pancakes to my feet and crêped up the stairs.
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    Ooh err missus. I do miss Frankie Howerd.
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    I concur. The ability to play with really fun things fostered a want to learn attitude. When I was a kid it seems like you were able to experiment with everything, from mini civil engineering projects, to making things explode, to exploring the country far and wide on your own as a very young teenager. Something today's paranoia and regulated environment has destroyed. Accidents could happen, accidents did happen, but then, they always will. Consider it a small niche of the greater experiment that is Darwinism.
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    There’s one of these coming up for sale in an auction i follow soon. There were some amazing toys around for kids back in the day, before HS & E kicked in. Good times😂