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    Very pleased to have obtained this problem free William IV 1837 penny in about EF. Scarcest date of the few William IV pennies, and very difficult to get in high grade.
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    I spend most of my collecting time in local markets - I have a stall selling coins and as a result have bags of coins brought to me regularly. My experience is probably at the low end of the market, but I find much more positive. I sell lots to new collectors who are far more interested in the attractiveness of the coin and its history, not some remotely attributed "grade". Today I stalled out at a local car boot sale. I spent the best part of 3 hours talking about and selling coins to enthusiastic new collectors without once getting into a debate about "grade". To me, this is what coin collecting should be about. The top end of the market is dominated by "investors" and collectors with more money than interest in real coins. I will stick with grass roots thank you.
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    Oh what a tragic loss to numismatics
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    1874H off eBay NOT attributed F76 and scarce.
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    Benny Green, the saxophonist and humourist, once told the story of when he was leaving Ronnie Scott's so late at night, that when he was on the bus home, the two ladies in the seat in front of him were two cleaners on their way to work. He over heard one lady say to the other: "Well, of course, Rex Harrison's not his real name", and the other replied: "Rex Harrison isn't who's real name? " This brought the programme to a halt. I've never forgotten it.
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    So, I bought a Mercedes GLC 250 Petrol last year, it was a 2017 model and really enjoyed driving it, I had been looking for something with a little higher spec as mine was basic but an AMG line coupè. I wasn't really pushing to sell until I saw this attached one. Its basically the exact same car (a GLC) but it has virtually everything spec wise, I think the only thing it lacks is a towbar, anyway, my GLC cost me 35k and was offered 37,500 for the trade in, now, that has to be a first, getting paid to drive a Mercedes for a year
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    Well spotted Pete, the lighhouse is thinner, especially the top section..........and the sea does not cross the linear circle!
  9. 3 points
    I wasnt going to bother taking a picture of this............ Whats the odds of finding two F76 on eBay in the same week ?
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    To be honest, it has killed coin collecting for me. Too many have ruined the hobby with their flash bullshit talk thinking they know it all, there is way too much greed, followed by this drive for perfect coins, or should I say, a high slab number, regardless of how the coin actually looks, its the slab number that counts for most of them, its not collecting, it's investing these days, maybe that's why there's so little activity on the forum, not so many new members, or new threads.If w@nkers like Numistacker were to come on this forum, he'd have his arse handed to him one a plate.
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    Bye bye happiness, Hello loneliness I think I'm gonna cry
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    Here’s how an 1835 did at Heritage this week
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    Funny that..... I remember Tony Crocker had a pile of similar 1905's a few years ago. Seems they were collected for Xmas or birthday gifts at the time and not used and just stashed. I had a pile of 1897's off ebay years ago the same - stored not as well, with some damp corrosion on the fields, all GEF and up, in a pile of rotten paper wrapping. One was a O•NE!!
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    Well this doesn't happen often. At the market yesterday a chap brought me a small box of coins including 8 1908 Pennies all around AU! I believe they are all F166, so not desperately scarce, but uncommon with this amount of lustre. I cannot possibly use all of these - I will post in the For Sale section in case anybody needs one.
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    Like Johnson - a good strong President handed a poison chalice....
  16. 3 points
    To be honest its not all his fault really, its the last four or five leaders that left biden with no choice . Just like Vietmam again
  17. 2 points
    I'm starting my own service, for people who just love certain coins. They send me a pile of coins wrapped in a tenner, I look at the coins, and send them back not wrapped in the tenner, with a note that says they are 'really nice', or 'wow- rare in this lovely condition' etc. etc..... Everyone wins!
  18. 2 points
    Mick is famously very mean with cash , maybe one of the reasons for those endless tours LOL
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    Very sad. My era. I knew a Stone would have to die sometime, but I didn't think we would wait until 2021 for it to happen.
  20. 2 points
    Another star from the past taken from us - RIP.
  21. 2 points
    Dave is the name lol. Who is buying, well there is a Greek guy who has some high grade halves, I believe he would have been involved in this bidding, whether he got it or not is another story. The craving for high slab numbers is ridiculous right now, fuelled by certain people on YT and Heritage marketing. I get the feeling this side of the market is rigged. I knew a guy who paid 10k for a Geo IIII proof half Sov, Heritage wanted him to consign it, he had got it graded and came back as the finest but not Cameo designated, he said he felt it was Ultra cameo or wards to that effect, he said if it was graded as such that he would submit it. Heritage sent it off to NGC and low and behold it came back as the Ultra Cameo he and Heritage asked for, it sold for $26,400, the hype for high grade half Sovereigns right now is real.
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    I presume the reason for non declaration is that the coins were found from detectoring done without the landowner's permission. Really stupid when you think about it. If they'd gone about it in an honest, straightforward manner, they'd all have gained financially instead of facing a needless prison term and a criminal record.
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    Typical of pennies around then I surpose and into Georges reign
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    Yes - I think it is evidence of weak strike rather than wear. Each of the 8 coins has a different level of detail in Britannia, but the rest of the coin is so sharp I think it has to be weak strike.
  25. 2 points
    Just so you know i am not wasting your time Paddy ,i wasnt sure you would sell them on here and was only interested in them all and not the ones left ,which maybe wont be as good. Good luck and yes £45 posted is a fair price 👍