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    Just landed. Forging ahead with my Charles I halfcrown collection, this (my first) Briot First Milled Issue example
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    I managed to get this 1856 PT penny in about NEF both sides for a best offer price of £280, which compares favourably to many of the LCA hammer prices.
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    However daft some of these 50p collectors may seem, chasing the 1974 50p for all its worth, it's still great news for the hobby of coin collecting.
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    Some truly amazing coins, all! Those Charles 1 halfcrowns that @Paulus has posted are simply stunning!! Here's my paltry recent acquisition.
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    My wife calls me a "collectomaniac" so I have a collection of coins mostly acquired by accident, a collection of bits of crashed aircraft, a collection of books mostly left over from book dealing, a large collection of photographs of ships, a collection of 78rpm shellac occupying about a metre of shelf space and a collection of vinyl that's mostly purchased when it first came out occupying slightly less shelf space. That's just scratching the surface. 🙄 And most of it not worth storage space. Luckily I have now finally retired after being "let go" from my part time auction house involvement. By "luckily" I mean I will no longer be tempted by stuff that nobody else wants. I don't think there's anything in my vinyl collection that stands out. Normally just stuff that I enjoy or holds memories such as The Shadows, Gordon Lightfoot, Chicago Transit Authority double albums and Bert Weedon. 😮 Normally played on either a Technics SL-J110R with a stack of same make or a Kenwood stack, unless I've already transferred them to digital. Oh! plus a reel to reel tape deck and a collection of tapes mostly recorded when I was at sea. Sad or what!
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    Could be "chaste" but definitely "hallowed" out.
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    Is it possible that it was "Altared"???
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    If that is the case, then maybe the seller is a soul trader.....
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    I hope you manage to get the situation resolved. I'm very pleased to say there's a happy ending to my saga. I suddenly noticed through the frosted glass of my inner door, something lying on my porch floor, opened the door and there it was. Attached to it was a post it note saying "delivered to wrong address". Presumably just pushed through their door, possibly without even knocking. Considering they should take great care with tracked delivery items, this was just careless and slipshod. In the end I was reliant on the honesty and goodwill of a neighbour.
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    A palm my wife photographed in Brisbane's Mt. Coot-Tha botanic gardens growing in one of the beds. Many palms have dangerous thorns but this one is something else. It's a Salacca palm from Indonesia that bares an edible fruit. Can't say I would be too keen to pick it.
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    I have to say though Chris, some people are frighteningly thick. Facts and logic seem to just completely go over their heads. I'm sure it's worse than it used to be, or maybe I'm just hyper-critical.
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    Based on a mintage of 100K and a clear excess of demand over supply, it would place humans just below 20th in the British sheep populations by breed using industry statistics.
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    Another date filled .Bought a couple of 1848 pennies from ebay . one has obviously been cleaned and the other had a bit of surface verd .The verd came off easily and treated it with Verdi-care , so it looks like it has a couple of carbon spots now .Hoped that they would be an 1848 and an 1848/7 , so I could have filled two gaps ( 8/6 would have been nice , ) , but both are 1848/7 . These are the ebay pics . I have tried for 20 mins to resize the ones I took ,and have given up .
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    A holy error no doubt , not sure if its catholic protestant or a non conformist .
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    So as not to be confused with Ebay offerings, the three can be seen top and bottom to the left of the 4,
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    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224130909782 A very rare mint error indeed...
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    Football is a team game. There's no 'team' in EAsT gerMany. (Oops).
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    The reality is that supply of all of these is somewhat "thin", even if they're not scarce in any meaningful sense. There may have been 100,000 issued e.g. for 1974 but some of these will have been split up/damaged/ugly toned, and the vast majority of the others will be owned by collectors and other people who bought them close to the release date. The number immediately accessible to the market is going to be in the low thousands, and that's the sort of supply which can be overwhelmed by sudden demand. Unlike the Kew Gardens 50 pence pieces, I don't think this is a case of someone stashing these away with an expectation of profit (yet !); there really are enough customers to exhaust demand at least temporarily.
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    Not scarce originally, but as they have been out of circulation for years and many have been handed in to the banks for re-cycling, they do fetch a reasonable premium. I can usually sell them at market for £4 or £5 depending on condition. Again it is the avid 50p collector that needs them to complete the type set.
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    The recent purchase is a gilded piece. Thought it was interesting the way the 'full-coin' pictures have come out. I found that when I zoom in close with super-macro setting, trying to optimize the detail, the coin didn't particularly look gilded. From a distance, however, without super-macro it looks much more like the gilded coin does 'in the hand'. I'm no expert on photography, so not really sure why that happened, but show both sets below for info.
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    There's a nudist convention in my town tomorrow. I might go if I've got nothing on.
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