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    1823 Half Crown DNW auction win - my pics
  2. 8 points
    This is the coin that @Paddy drew our attention to a week or two back. He was selling it on e bay, and I was the only bidder. Just received today. It may be a common date, but this is no common representation of it. UNC, a truly superb strike, great hair detail, totally flawless and with immaculate toning. I initially though that the obverse was EF, but in hand, I'm half inclined to think that what appears at first glance to be wear at the highest points is in fact residual lustre. But either way, it's still a truly outstanding specimen, and amazing value at only £19.95. Thanks Paddy from a very satisfied customer (apologies, again, I've got that colour variation)
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    I actually wrote that article - glad you found it interesting.
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    Farthings are superior to Pennies and that goes to the folk that collect them.
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    Three taciturn guys in a pub somewhere in deepest rural England. All sitting there supping their pints. One of them says, "nice warm day today". Half an hour later another one says "well I thought it were a bit cool". Another half an hour passes, and the third fella gets up and says "Anyway, I'm going home, too much bloody arguing round here".
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    Quite pleased with a couple of Halfpenny upgrades picked up today. First 1904:
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    Upgrade, very pleased with the strike on this one
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  9. 5 points
  10. 5 points
    Well here is my 1919 h penny. Not the greatest strike, i know.
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    ... and this 1909. Just leaves 1908 of the Ed VII that really needs a major upgrade.
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    [Adopts tone of voice of the railway bore you dread sitting next to you...] Ah well you see, it's quite easy to tell. I can see from the riffle squod mark that the bullet was made in the North Croydon Works of the Machine Arms Co and they only made them with that particular riffle squod up to 17th August 1914 and the entire consignment apart from one case was used before November 1914 in the Belgian trenches on the Western Front - the one case was used in 1915 but only at Gallipoli so if I was a betting man I'd feel my money was safe in saying that is a 1914 bullet. As I was saying to my friend Roger only last Tuesday - and there's no-one knows more than Roger about riffle... [cont p.94]
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    Stuff to make you laugh? Watching Pointless whilst eating tea this evening, one of the questions was anagrams of TV shows. Only 90 people out of 100 were able to identify QI as one of the answers.....
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    The first of this week's newbies (farthing)
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    I'm afraid this is all the 1909 I have... On the lighter side, I did get it in change in the late 60s...
  17. 3 points
    I wonder if the fact that it's hideous has any bearing?
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  19. 3 points
    Decentius centionalis, struck at Amiens circa 351-353
  20. 3 points
    A penny by H Young, Coin Dealer. An early strike before a piece broke off the die, obliterating the date.
  21. 3 points
    Eccleston Halfpenny. Possibly the first Soho product to use the thick raised rim.
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    Does this work then? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hg8fzg1ro0gkrs1/Trump Border Wall Prototype.mp4?dl=0 P
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    The CCF boards for reporting fakes have been made private. I'll be a member by close of business today. You can apply to CCF boss bobby for entry.
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    Old proverb: "Better to keep mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt."