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  2. I don't know what I was thinking... George IIII Mrbadexample posted a notsobadexample. Seriously... it is quite nice and clearly better than mine... especially the reverse. I don't see the die break and the second A in BRITANNIAR is not filled.
  3. William IIII nay nay , yours is a coin I would be happy with , George is what you ment I am sure. I am not seeing that die flaw though , it looks weekly struck
  4. Thanks for posting an image... your example is very close to what I have. The main difference may be the die break that is featured in my example. Yours does capture the bold separation in the D. My example has a relatively reasonable to above average portrait of William IIII and I think should easily grade in the VF realm. The reverse is just not as well struck and that likely is attributable the the die break.
  5. In my opinion its only a good one if VF and above but i have still not come across a nice enough one to call it a keeper - strange thing is there is no example in the colin cooke collection so it might be rarer than I think - depends on what someone will pay for one I surpose.
  6. will put on a scan of my coin next day or so
  7. You wouldn't get anything in your Inbox (the envelope symbol up top) but you might get a Notification (the bell symbol).
  8. secret santa

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I do believe that he has mixed his photos up unintentionally but has been unwilling to even consider that it might be his fault.
  9. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Surely the fact that he is selling a coin that he does not possess enough rope? You can then ignore all the photo mix-ups, or is he genuinely a confused idiot, and is unknowingly using the picture of a coin that Richard has in his possession to sell another? Is he reading all this?
  10. Sorry, just wondered if it was a social media auto-pilot thing.i.e. people just use it because they use it elsewhere, or whether it actually provided a function. No idea if it generates a notification. I've seen a few @Robs before but never received anything in my inbox, so would think not.
  11. If you prefix a predec member's name with @ it highlights their name - @Rob @Peckris 2 @coinkat. I don't know if that generates a Notification (above)?
  12. I don' do twitter... I have not posted a picture of the farthing because I do not have a picture to post. My sincere apologies.
  13. I have located 6 and I know that I have others. What is interesting to note is I have three that came from boxes- one maroon and two green- And those were all type I reverses. The other three are type II reverses. There are differences in the horse's head as both of you have noted. What is even more interesting is even within the type II reverses I have inspected, there is a significant difference in the dragon wings. One has the outer wing webbing missing in part which I suspect is either die polish or die wear. However, the other has a very well defined outer webbing that sets this one apart from the others. It has the look that the die on that well defined example came from either a reworked/reengraved die.
  14. 1949threepence

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Indeed. His first recourse when challenged should have been to examine the evidence and report back having done so, to either counter with a rational disagreement, or admit he made an error and apologise. Instead he chose to fly off the handle, which is offputting as far as possible future transactions are concerned, as it looks defensive. Which might lead a potential buyer to believe he has something to hide, even if that is untrue.
  15. After nearly 70 years I would hesitate to say with certainty if any crown was in its original box. You have a load of crowns and you have a pile of boxes, then you find a box to match the state of the coin. The only ones virtually guaranteed to be original are those that have never changed hands.
  16. Yes, there is an overall lack of sharply clear detail on the Type I, not only in the areas mentioned. Just one thing : did the Mint also sell their crowns in the Festival of Britain cardboard cases? I appear to have one such that is apparently Type II
  17. I was querying what the @coincat is for. Isn't an at sign something to do with twitter? - which is nothing to do with this forum.
  18. Not only that, but they would likely have used the minimum force to give an acceptable result to minimise stress on the presses. A breakdown would not be good.
  19. Pictures were also missing (at first) in the 1951 Crown topic. It doesn't hurt to remind members that asking us to comment on detail description needs a relevant picture!
  20. Another difference is the horse's head - much more detail on the Type II I think Rob may have the answer : the dies used at the Festival of Britain may have either been a different engraving, or were allowed to wear more than the Mint equivalents.
  21. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    If it looks like fake news, if it walks like fake news, if it quacks like fake news...
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