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  2. The Circular was online in the archive section until about 2011-12 when the previously very dysfunctional site was taken down and replaced by something a little less unpredictable. 15/6d for an 1857 penny was a lot in 1895 when the regular pieces were going for 9d up to 2/-. I see it was priced at about the same level as a Fine 1860
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  4. WOW sum great songs there
  5. If anyone wants to look up an old Spink Numismatic circular, you can get a copy of any one (or part of one) you want for a small fee, from the Fitzwilliam Museum library. That's where I got my 1895 scan about the small date 1857 last year. The link to the Spink circulars list, which start on page 101 is here Just e mail this address and ask for the one you want. They'll let you know the nominal charge:-> licensing@fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk As far as Spink themselves, you'd get more sense from the cat. @Mr T - you might find the above useful info.
  6. No, the Lifehouse album I have is an unofficial compilation based on a fan blog: "This is a long-overdue upgrade to one of the very first reconstructions on my blog: the doomed rock opera Lifehouse by The Who, the next in a series of alternate Who albums. Originally planned as a double concept album and the soundtrack to its accompanying film, Lifehouse was too technically complex and conceptually baffling to all except Pete Townshend. After a nervous breakdown while making the album and the lack of support from manager and producer Kit Lambert, Lifehouse was scrapped and paired [sic] down to the single LP Who's Next, which became one of The Who's crown achievements, critically and commercially. This reconstruction attempts to pull the best sources of all tracks associated with the Lifehouse project recorded by The Who and assemble them not only in a pleasing and cohesive track order, but to follow the storyline of the film." The track listing is Side A: 1. Teenage Wasteland 2. Time Is Passing 3. Love Ain't For Keeping 4. Going Mobile 5. Baby Don't You Do it Side B: 6. Baba O'Riley 7. Mary 8. I Don't Even Know Myself 9. Greyhound Girl 10. Bargain Side C 11. Naked Eye 12. Behind Blue Eyes 13. Too Much of Anything 14. Let's See Action 15. Getting In Tune Side D 16. Pure and Easy 17. Won't Get Fooled Again 18. The Song Is Over To which I have added 'Join Together' in my own iTunes, as it's basically a Lifehouse song in my opinion.
  7. The reverse is different... I would suggest substantially different. There was another thread I started under varieties that address the main difference between what I refer to as the type I Reverse which is the type we see on the pattern and the type II Reverse which is the reverse type on the other that was posted on this thread. There are significant differences in the detail of the horse, the dragon wings, the forearm of holding the sword. What I find puzzling is how this difference could go virtually unnoticed for the better part of 69 years. For these interested, the discussion is more developed on the other thread
  8. Thanks for the above Ian. Once again, fantastically useful information. Interesting you say that not many were collecting Bramah variations at that time. Do you think that Bramah has had something of a renaissance since then? I must admit, I don't see him referred to very often - only by the more experienced sellers. It's a pity his book has only one edition and is so rare. Many, probably most, must have been lost or destroyed since the original publication in 1929, over 90 years ago, and we are left with mainly high priced ex library copies. Maybe there should be a re-print of his book. Copyright expires 70 years after the author's death, and as Bramah died in 1942, that 70 years was reached in 2012. I wonder if Rotographic would entertain this idea. Or maybe those who own a copy of the original book would prefer to keep things the way they are. But of course, whatever the reason, you are spot on, as it's clear that very few DFF's of even 1844 are available nowadays. Between 2007 and 2012, it would not have been too difficult to get one. So the figures are conclusive, then and now.
  9. Recently I acquired a unique 1696 sixpence from an auction house in UK. The coin is a 1696 sixpence (First Bust, early Harp variety), but the coin is significantly double struck. The coin is graded by ngc as MINT ERROR MS 65 DOUBLE STRUCK. I have seen double striking in 17th early milled coin, but very few of those error coins can survive in a real uncirculated condition. What is more, the degree of the double struck is significant. I am not sure if I can consider my coin as a new variety of 1696 sixpence, but this coin is definitely unique. Here is the photo of my coin (the first taken by auction house, the second and the last by myself).
  10. the Spink site is probably the worst i have used to try find past auction info, seems like it cannot handle more than 1 word in a search,
  11. A bit more information around those 1843DFF figures Mike. My 5 year study of all ebay listings was between Sept 2007 and Sept 2012. There were 15 DFF's out of 130 listings of 1843's. I think it likely that this is a fairly accurate reflection of true (minted) proportions, as I do not believe that many people were collecting Bramah variations at that time. For example, see Richard's comments where he got one by luck! The coin I have just sold you was the best example from those 15 on ebay during that period. If I were to repeat the study now (which I will NOT be doing) then there is no way that you would see the same proportion of DFF's as there were approx. 10 to 15 years ago. More collectors have been looking for Bramah varieties since then, and most are now tucked away in collections. This is reflected by the fact that you have unsuccessfully searched high and low for one yourself for over a year. The same could be said for the 1844 DFF's, seen on both the 'Plain Tail' 4's and the 'Tails Up' 4's. I have done a breakdown of all the 1844's seen in the same 5 year period, and this is shown in the table below. Note that there were 60 examples of 1844 DFF's, highlighted in Yellow, so about 1 in 5 of 1844's had this 'feature' during my 5 year study. However, you have only seen 2 in the time you have been building your own collection of this series. Hope the table makes sense, and is clear enough to read; the first split is based on being able to see the numeral 4's clearly enough to determine type. Also note that the 'Tails Up' style of numeral 4 is clearly much more difficult than Plain 4, although there is a higher proportion of DFF's on 'Tails Up' numeral 4 type!! It's not really an F of course!!
  12. The Search facility on their site is absolutely appalling. It has been pointed out on here before but they do nothing about it. It's a disgrace that such a prestigious name should have such an awful website.
  13. I remember that SNC with great fondness as during the mid-90s to about '03 I bought some fabulous coins from it at real world prices, with some literally museum pieces that I probably have no business owning.....wonderful coins were still on the list by the time it made it over to the USA. DIdn't hurt to be on the pre-pub list as I got faxed some offers.. I tried to look up some coins for research purposes and as above get NOWHERE on their site. I suppose that the Newman Portal may have some info.
  14. I would need to check Nick. I bought it as a currency issue.
  15. Love the blue toning on this one😎
  16. Is that a proof 1826 shilling? The toning and the sharp strike make it look like one.
  17. PM me email and I can get you better pictures - these are compressed. Good looking out, Gold Star for you Sir!
  18. I haven't posted for a while due to my lens breaking and the fact prices are obscene at the moment. Here are a few from over the last few months.
  19. Pretty sure there never was a "lifehouse " album and pure and easy first appeared on odds and sods as a who album well it did on my old copy on "track records", it was used like whos next as a platform for petes lifehouse songs his best and most creative period .It really was a shame the whole thing never really came together
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