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  2. Thanks for the replies, Terry's 'second' piece seems to confirm that the protrusion was introduced at minting. The H's on 1882's and 1881's seem to be found in many slightly different locations, and also varying sizes. Below is an example of a smaller, much lower, and also repaired H on the common 1882 variety. I guess it's not inconceivable that the protrusion on the La was from an earlier underneath H, although it does seem to be very high and quite a 'miss' from the intended spot. Does anyone have an example of a complete 'high' H where the top is level with half way up the bottom loops of the 8's?
  3. More Pennies

    In the sense that with most of the 1881H's, the H was not dead centre between the two 8's, but distinctly to the left, nearer the first 8? Could it be a recut die?
  4. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Country/Region of Manufacture:Andorra Getting closer to the source it seems, and as a bonus, it explains the MANUEL ON AND mint signature. Only one question remains. Why on earth did Harold get his coins struck in Andorra when he had ample facilities in Britain?
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  6. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    100% feedback, though!
  7. Excel spreadsheet of all coins in circulation The above site Lists all the coins you mention, and has images of each, I wouldn't think it would take long to produce a spreadsheet
  8. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Are you sure Clive? I don't see an arrow in Harold's eye. Something FAKE about that I feel. Bad. Very bad.
  9. Hi New member, just started collecting a month or so ago. I'm just collecting all of the 50p, £1 and £2 that are currently in circulation and wanted to ask if anyone has a handy spreadsheet which lists them all so that I can tick them off as I go? Thanks in advance David
  10. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These lovely Anglo-Saxon pennies, found in Andorra...
  11. I would say it is part of an H where the RH vertical would pass down the immediate right of the current H
  12. More Pennies

    Ian , I came across this in my library of old pics , its not very high resolution , but it looks the same as yours. Terry
  13. Sending coins to be checked by the Royal Mint

    Speaking of which, I remember when Graham Dyer was looking at coins for them and remember turnaround times to be many months to years....
  14. 1945 Penny Rev Variety?

    Hi Cliff , Dave suggests in his book that the cause of this is the re-cutting of one or more digits, probably due to die fill or damage to the die , and that makes sense as doubling on one digit only crops up on many different years. I have a 1946 penny with a doubled 1 in the date , but I also have a 1961 penny with the complete date doubled, but I think this my have been caused by juddering of the die during manufacture . Terry
  15. More Pennies

    Nothing on my coins Ian .
  16. More Pennies

    Just checked mine - nothing like that.
  17. Not the best of pieces but looks like there is a protrusion above the H on this Gouby 1882La (R + p) penny. Anyone seen this on their own higher grade example / have any idea what it may be? Don't think I'm imagining!
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  19. Sending coins to be checked by the Royal Mint

    Ring their general enquiries line on (01443) 222111, and explain the position. They'll let you know whether you can send it or not, and if you can, they'll give you a name. It'll be the Llantrisant address - details here Good luck, Brian and keep us posted.
  20. Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    It' cannot be an 1806 2d anyway. So the lot is a cartwheel twopence and an 1806 penny. The penny isn't worth all that much (£10 absolute tops?) but I agree about the edges on the twopence being very good. Here are my two examples of the same coins. I paid £36 for the 1806 penny a couple of years ago and I've had the cartwheel twopence about 35 years, it was a combined birthday and Christmas present from my parents when I was a schoolboy!
  21. Hi All, Can anyone give me the etiquette for sending coins to the Royal Mint for checking. The coins are not valuable but seem to have missed some process or other. Just want to clarify what has happened. Does anyone have the correct address. Do you send a returns envelope, etc... Thanks all in advance.
  22. The 9/9 on the 1945 Penny is an accepted rare variety (when compared with the standard coin), with the additional 4/4 being rarer still. Both these examples are mentioned in David Groom's book. I attach pics of my 1945 coin which displays both 9/9 AND 5/5 and, as I can't find any reference to an overstruck 5, wondered if anyone else has come across an example? Can anyone please suggest how the two apparent "overstrikes" may have come about? The 5/5 is not mentioned in Dave's book. Regards Cliff
  23. March LCA catalogue now up

    Not sure what I will go for yet - I'll only be able to afford one, amongst a range of options, and obviously may lose out on that. One thing I did notice is this Freeman 79, which is not vastly different in quality to the one you sold me for £250, Guy. But just look at the difference in amount expected.
  24. March LCA catalogue now up

    I am glad you are not bidding as I have my fingers crossed for the Brass 3D's
  25. Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    Never noticed that before!
  26. Auction Coin Values Help Needed

    Forget the portrait. The trident pointing to the legend says it is a twopence.
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