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  2. The 1902 LT can perform well on the right day.
  3. Upcoming auction for unique celtic iron age silver unit

    Does anyone know how much the coin sold for.....or where the good Peter was metal detecting?
  4. Fake Roman coins

    I have an old friend who sells Roman coins on ebay (not my thing). He is would you believe, 90 years old. ...nearly as old as some of his coins!!! He only purchases his coins from reputable auction houses and all his coins have a lifetime guarantee. ...though at 90 years old.... His seller name is cott2556 and i,m sure if some of the specialist in this field had a look at his site, they would vouch for his coins. Hope this helps.
  5. Today
  6. Unknown coin.

    Hi again. Does anyone know what this coin is? I only bought it out of curiosity. It weighs approximately 6.3 grams and has a diameter of 21mm. Thanks in advance. Regards.
  7. Re: Real??

    Gosh!! Thank you guys. I purchased it from ebay last week. I had a niggling doubt about it, what with the porousness and it just didn't seem to have that silver noise you here when you drop it. I can see the copy sign now that it has been pointed out to me!! I only wonder how many of the rest of my hammered coins are fakes, ten or so in total. Anyway i cannot thank you guys enough. I will get on the case for a refund. Kind regards.
  8. Re: Real??

    Follow Jerrys advice. Push for a refund , ebay will support you fully. Show them the link above that mikes posted. If you come unstuck post back here with any obstacles and amongst us we should be able to help.
  9. Re: Real??

    Here you are Declan, the smoking gun...
  10. Re: Real??

    My thoughts exactly. Either this has been sold on as it is by someone who genuinely didn't know or the 'WRL' has been deliberately removed in an attempt to deceive.
  11. Re: Real??

    Certainly a WRL fake with the logo deliberately partially obscured. Get your money back, or report the fraud to the police, this sort of thing is becoming all too commonplace. Jerry
  12. Like the others, I can't see them being worth very much.
  13. Freeman Catalogue

    Arrived today - thanks again. I would have bought Pete's when he offered it last October, but I was too late and Jerry had already bought it. Great to have an actual original copy of the Freeman sale. Never thought I would get one
  14. Re: Real??

    Hi Declan, I have seven or eight in various grades and none of them have surfaces which look like this one. I'm no hammered expert but my instincts are to think its shouting 'I'm a fake, and I don't give a damn who knows it!'. The colour is very reminiscent of the WRL replicas which often appear on ebay. Those usually have 'WRL' stamped onto them somewhere so I'm concerned about that (conveniently?) rubbed area at 5 o'clock on the reverse. I also think your asking in the first place suggests your own instincts are telling you this one isn't right. As I say, these are just my initial feelings, I'm sure one of the resident hammered coins experts will be able to confirm one way or the other very soon.
  15. Re: Real??

  16. Re: Real??

  17. Re: Real??

    Here is the reverse...
  18. Re: Real??

    Hi guys. I am quite new to collecting hammered coins. I purchased this one last week. Its a Charles 1st hammered shilling. My doubt about it is that it looks rather porous. Is this unusual? Your help is always appreciated. Regards.
  19. Peter Nichols cabinets

    I don't Simon, unfortunately. Of course, you could ring and ask him
  20. Bar top ideas?

    After that you need to develop a mobile app. Read more here
  21. Peter Nichols cabinets

    Do you know what his ebay account name is?
  22. Peter Nichols cabinets

    Thanks for that. I remember he sold a very nice 1871 penny a couple or three years back, on e bay, for a fair price. I'd have bought it myself if I hadn't already got one. He doesn't seem to have a separate website for the concern, but "Peter Nichols Stamp and Coin shop", still at the Norman Road St Leonards on Sea premises, is shown as having the telephone Number (01424) 436682. That's for the benefit of the guest user Dr Dwarf on page 1, if he ever looks in again. Glad to hear he's OK.
  23. There is one 20th centre halfpenny that is very underated in it's rarity and that is the 1911 A+b shallow neck, narrow date. I have one in about Fine so it exists but I've not seen another in about 10 years of looking to upgrade.
  24. Peter Nichols cabinets

    I had an email reply from Peter yesterday. He just to say that he has already retired and no longer involve in the cabinet making business even though they still uses his name. Peter still runs a coin dealership from the same premises at St Leonard were he use to make his cabinets.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Freeman Catalogue

    Thanks Mike.
  27. Bar top ideas?

    Hello buddy hope all is well, sorry to hear about your uncle mate my thoughts are with you and your family. Been really busy lately with trying to get it finished and fixing cars, kids etc!! Haven't bought any coins for ages as it's been caineing my money ha ha. Will pop a few pics up tomorrow. Hope the show went well!! take care sonni
  28. Freeman Catalogue

    OK Rob, now paid - same account Many thanks.
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