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  2. Edward I Groat

    in your travels, you gents may come across newer money? i'm referring to coins of the geo II - geo III flavor. i'm particularly interested in 1/2d's and farthings, both english and irish. I'm buying! I actually collect contemporary counterfeits and evasions. But I will take most anything with a readable date including regal. If you guys have anything you want to move, please contact me. You can describe what you have or shoot me a pix. I am buying! Thank you for your consideration! John
  3. Edward I Groat

    thank you, i will check it out! john
  4. Just starting out - advice would be lovely :)

    Sophie Welcome to the forum and welcome to the hobby. The only advice I can add to that already given is to always buy the best coin you can afford. Quality always counts.
  5. Thanks bagerap, will see if I can find any info on them. hard to believe the mint were knocking out silver washed coins.
  6. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hi everyone, I am also sickened by these fake coins being passed off as genuine antiques. To try to do something about it, however small, I have created a blog that I will add to over time, based on the excellent knowledge gleaned here - I hope this is ok with you all. The blog is here: It needs tidying up but it is a start. If anyone wants to contribute as an author, PM me with ideas etc. I will try to keep it free from anything libellous, I don't want to get the blog closed. If anyone out there with a legal background thinks there is anything I should worry about in the blog, do say? If anyone has some good examples of replica coins do let me know? You never know, it may save one or two people from being ripped off. I have also created an eBay guide, but I think eBay will pull the plug on that pretty soon. That's all for now, must get some kip!
  7. Just starting out - advice would be lovely :)

    Never! I like a good port and like whisky, you can taste what you've paid for... Soph.
  8. "I did not know that, made legally by who? " Most were made in Birmingham, but I believe that the Royal Mint were also involved.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Ha ha maybe Rob And another for him/her. George III half crown.
  11. If you aren't careful, Seuk will be organising another Danish invasion. Just sayin'.
  12. Edward I Groat

    If you want a hardbound copy they will do that too. It's probably only about 40 or 50 pounds on top of the basic book and protects the pages better than the softback.
  13. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I know. I'll post it up in latest acquisitions when it arrives. A little off centre but you can't tick all boxes with Richard. I've only got 3 other Richards and the portrait is mangled and degraded on those. The fun parts going to be classifying it precisely. Moneyers WILLELM he minted from class 2 right through to 4b for Richard . 🤗
  14. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Nice one! Though hardly an eBay's worst offering!
  15. Here is another wopper I found, Your heart misses a beat when a coin like this pops out of the ground. George III Dollar. 40 mm across
  16. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Ah, I wondered if that was it. Yeah, you can trust that seller, though his (her?) coins always seem to go for reasonable amounts. I suspect they have quite a few followers so less chance of a bargain. It's always worth keeping a record of such things I think. Then you can refer back and compare when something else comes up you like. My coin of that variety? I bought my original in 2004 and didn't manage to find one I liked better until 10 years later! Not that they are terribly rare .. but I am awfully fussy! Then I bought another because I liked the provenance. Silly hobby really!
  17. Charles I shilling

  18. Thanks so much Richard. Its really good to see what the token would have looked like. Didn't think it would be from Wales.
  19. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hi Tom, the price increased by too much, but judging by other coins it was still a good buy. I will just hold on and see what else comes along.
  20. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Bang goes me saving for Christmas. I've just walloped £135 on a Richard 1st Shortcross. Best portrait I've ever seen on a Richy and it fills a gap in my set. Only just got listed , would of been a shame to let it slip by 😛 Note....this is real , Not a worst offering. 😆
  21. I did not know that, made legally by who? mine has a copper core I gave the edge a slight scrape as wasn't sure if it was worn silver. lovely coin as well Paulus.
  22. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    You will find these sellers have many accounts and roll back and forth between them. The thing that makes me laugh is. If you are going to change identity then why to god would you not change the auction spiel. Self busted morons is all they are. Lets hope one of them puts a fake sixpence in the christmas pudding and they all get e coli
  23. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Good luck. Hope you get them. I've not bought anything in weeks now. Christmas knocking an that. I still look though lol. Compulsion and force of habit 😁.
  24. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Link for an opinion declan?
  25. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    There is a nice sale on just now on Ebay, of what i hope are genuine hammered coins. I might have a bid on that that lovely Charles 1st shilling which finishes in a wee while. 😆😆😆
  26. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I noticed that that particular seller has a lot of properly attributed stuff. S/he is confident enough to state stuff like 'sterling silver' 'halfpenny token' etc. So when they are just 'detecting find' it rather rings alarm bells. No, I don't know why for the sake of a couple of quid they wouldn't just chuck the fake in the bin, but it's a lesson that it often helps to check what else people are selling before you bid. If it looks too good ... maybe it is?
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