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  2. unknown coin 2 please help

    is this scottish coin?
  3. Today
  4. unknown coin

    ok thank you .
  5. CGS Slabbed Viccy Pennies For Sale

    #3 1872 Penny Gouby BP1872Ab (11 teeth date spacing), slabbed and graded CGS 70 (AUNC) looking for £155 delivered
  6. CGS Slabbed Viccy Pennies For Sale

    #2 1891 Penny Gouby BP1891AB slabbed CGS 75 (UNC or near so) UIN 32567 Looking for £90 delivered
  7. Yesterday
  8. I have 4 CGS Viccy pennies for sale, offered on here before anywhere else: #1 1862 Penny Dies 6 + G S. 3954 Freeman 39 slabbed and graded CGS 78 (UNC) Ex-NGC MS65 BN UIN 29979 Looking for £230 delivered
  9. New pound coin

    Still got £ notes around here and the only fake £ coins were imported by me when I worked in Canning Town
  10. New pound coin

    More appalling quality control (or more likely, specification), I have long since lost interest in modern decimals. Apart from being able to find them in your change from time to time, I am missing something as far as collectability goes!
  11. New pound coin

    oh I haven't checked those.... but given the standards the mint come out with, they will probably be filled anyway.
  12. The reverse is something special....right up my street.
  13. I had to google what Pareidolia meant! Thanks for adding to my vocabulary!
  14. New pound coin

    One type has the date 2016 on the obverse and micro 2017s on the reverse. I have checked some of mine and realised that the micro numbers on the reverse are not always legible even on near mint condition coins.
  15. New pound coin

    still got old ones here.. I own 5.. nothing of note. what is this mule that is supposed to exist?
  16. unknown coin

    It looks to be an issue of Wulfwig at Canterbury. +PVLPIG ON CEN[T]
  17. unknown coin

    It's a Harold I fleur de lis type, but I can't make out the mint, it's quite low grade and it's cracked. It's scarce as a type, but unless it's a rare mint not worth a huge amount on account of the faults. Try cropping the image so the coin fills as much of the image as possible and repost. You are only fillng 5% of the available image space with useful content.
  18. unknown coin

    Thanks for posting the pics, links that are not obvious are always a no go in IT
  19. look now i put the pictures there again

  20. unknown coin

  21. New pound coin

    I have had 5 or so in my change so far.
  22. unknown coin

    DO NOT click the above links. There is no way to check what they are.
  23. unknown coin

    whats this is ? is this rare?
  24. An example of Pareidolia. You don't get that many on coins.
  25. I got caught on that one...never paid any attention to the date! LOL...
  26. Not in 1891. Albert died in 1861. I guess he might have stuck around as a vampire.
  27. I think it is just a "Hickey" (tender bite) from Prince Albert!
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