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  2. "I" over "I". This is how they appear. There are many more lettering variants on earlier Victorian small silver inc. 3ds and Maundy sets...
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  4. Peter Nichols cabinets

    Yes, fabulous!!
  5. Peter Nichols cabinets

    Hat off to the cabinet makers.
  6. Pete - when the coin has been struck the RM staff member puts the coin into the folder that they give you at the start of the tour. It's a simple hinged piece of card which then presses together to secure the coin within the 12 sided transparent plastic recess bit (technical term...). It stays closed unless/until you carefully prise it open, as Rich has done with his own coin. I've kept mine in the folder rather than examining it closely, ,but it's definitely a normal strike rather than a die clash. Edited to say - as the tour guest you can select the blank, which you then give to the RM staff member at the striking machine, along with your folder. You do have to pay an additional fee to strike the coin and you pay this upfront before going into the tour. This was £5 when I went in Feb but seems to be £7.50 now.
  7. I'm trying to find out where this coin was illustrated (see the wax in R of HENRIC). Does anyone have the Numismatic Circular for 1911? They had articles in most issues for this year on the coinage of Henry VII, with the first issue silver covered in June. Thanks.
  8. pretty sure that coin would get a £300 bid off some numptie on ebay as its a 2017 coin as well . They are incapable of thinking forward to next year when there will be hundreds of millions in circulation
  9. Peter Nichols cabinets

    I've finally gone ahead and ordered the cabinet with a few customisations. First of all I had three of the remaining four trays made up like the above example with a couple of modifications to allow more room around a couple of coins. As for the last draw I went for one with 14 holes that are 35mm wide to allow one hole for each of the above 13 trays to house tickets that may not fit in the other trays and any odd coins that don't belong elsewhere. So thanks for making that point Rob. At £6 per drawer extra It really was rather reasonable the cost of modifying the drawers.
  10. Real Or Fake?

    Thanks everyone. I will look at that now cheers PWA.
  11. Yes i am sure your right Dave as soon as some people were given it they would probably look. If you went with someone else Rich who purchased one the chances are it would be the same and hopefully they will have one. Nice coin and a pity its still not in the packet like others ,chingford was kind enough to send me one for my grand daughter and although its not here i am sure it was in a sealed thing. Sorry Rich just read your above post....they must of changed the packets
  12. I doubt that there's a whole batch of these errors. As has been suggested already, this is almost certainly a die clash, where the two punches struck each other without a blank between them, leading to elements of the two sides imprinted on the other. It seems to me that it wouldn't be very long before a customer of the Royal Mint went through the personal striking process, and then almost immediately examined their coin, discovered the apparently poor quality of the coin and drew this to the attention of the RM staff. RM staff would almost certainly then substitute the dies and striking could continue. If this scenario is correct then it is likely that there are very few of these misstrikes.
  13. I have a 1859 three pence in which the I in Victoria seems to be overstruck over something smaller. After searching and not finding anything, I have the usual questions if anyone can assist. What is it, has it been seen before, does it affect its value and what would that be....... Thanking all in advance Rick
  14. 9th of April I've been informed.
  15. Royal Mint Trial £1 coin

    Fairly amateurishly written article I thought, Richard, but at least the journalist had taken the trouble to correctly source some very pithy and relevant information. Therefore useful.
  16. Recent aquisitions

    Still do, quite a few rare variaties. I prefer the big stuff but those can get expensive.
  17. Last week
  18. Indian States?

    It's ok. I did it the hard way. Started with Krause 1601-1700 and moved forward in time, looking at all countries using squiggly writing. Still, could have been worse - 20th century instead of the 19th.
  19. Indian States?

    Sorry Rob, if I'd seen this earlier I would have.
  20. Indian States?

    Stop looking, it's sorted. Bengal Presidency.
  21. Royal Mint Trial £1 coin

    Thanks Mike, just what I wanted.
  22. Royal Mint Coin Collectors Albums

    the 2009 proof sets are going for £200-250 on ebay (checked recently ,cos I have one ). no idea of the value of the other folders .
  23. £2 Commonwealth Coin Help

    definitely a Northern Ireland .
  24. Royal Mint Trial £1 coin

    Well it would appear from this article that around 200,000 trial pieces were minted. You might also be interested in a long running thread on the issue here
  25. Indian States?

    Now waiting for approval. If anyone is a member, could they post them for me. Thanks.
  26. Indian States?

    Failed the registration process! Couldn't answer the question True or false: spammers are useless and stupid: Not enough info to state one way or the other.
  27. Real Or Fake?

    Theres a link on here to a fantastic website with everything you need to know about Fake £1 coins The thread is called The Fake pound coin database ,just had a quick look and probably what your after.
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