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  2. More potter trix

    Once upon a time First day covers came out only a few times a year, were avidly collected and were deemed a reasonable investment. Then they started producing more and more, increasing the value of the stamps so that one could easily spend £30 or more on a single issue, with sometimes a dozen issues in a year. Unsurprisingly people got p*****d off with it. Now pretty much any first day cover from the 60s onwards can be bought at auction for an average of 50p each. Nobody wants them! If you speak to the stamp dealers at fairs, they won't even buy them - they have attics full of stock they cannot shift. Killed the goose that laid the golden egg...
  3. More potter trix

    what did theey do tot he first day covers
  4. Yesterday
  5. More potter trix

    Gibraltar too I think.
  6. Michael Shut

    I have still got a roll any takers
  7. Michael Shut

    People were paying for "rolls" of 1967 pennies etc. Crazy when you think about it now.
  8. More potter trix

    It reminds me of the way the isle of man goverment went in the eighties , There was certainly too few comems in the eighties and nineties in the uk it prob reached a happy medium in the noughties , but its just gone crazy now
  9. Lack of internet didn't stop people piling into 'investments'. People were buying Churchill crowns and later things by the bucket load as well as paying OTT for modern tat, just as people are avidly purchasing just about every 50p, £1 and £2 coin you can throw at them today. If proof was ever needed, I bought about £400 of scrap silver last night, all skimmed from circulation post-war. There was however, a down-side. I also had to take £40 face of 5/- and 25p crowns. They were a good investment - not.
  10. I’m new to the forum

    Ok thanks
  11. More potter trix

  12. More potter trix

    With the increasing plethora of off-kilter stuff the Royal Mint is producing I have decided to restrict myself to coins from circulation only. I feel I am being taken for a mug when they bring out more and more outlandish products at exorbitant prices. I think they are in danger of "killing the goose that lays the golden egg" in the same way the Post Office has killed the First Day cover market.
  13. I’m new to the forum

    Yes - you need to have a minimum of 30 posts before you can post or reply in the For Sale section. Says so in the rules in the thread pinned to the top of that section.
  14. More potter trix

    Trying hard to find the positive - these coins are not aimed at the likes of us. If they prove the gateway drug for some other collectors who may then dip their toes further into numismatic waters, then all well and good. There's no way I would like to have any of those in my own collection, no matter how rare or valuable they may be.
  15. I’m new to the forum

    It won’t let me sell stuff on this forum is it because I’m new
  16. I’m new to the forum

    I understand I like holding the coin as well but I find it fun grading coins
  17. I’m new to the forum

    Maybe, but I suspect as you have had it graded, the price will be too high for me. I am always short of money, but I do a lot of scouting for bargains! Graded coins are not my thing really - I prefer to be able to handle the coins and make my own mind up as to how good it is, not have someone else tell me.
  18. I’m new to the forum

    I’m not looking to buy at the moment I’ve run out of money lol I’m selling a few things would you be interested in a 1839 no ww shilling graded MS62 by ngc
  19. I’m new to the forum

    Good - we have some common ground. I don't do the gold but otherwise milled British coins as far back as I can get. Are you looking for any in particular? Quite a few people here have spares if you tell us what you need.
  20. I’m new to the forum

    Hi paddy I’m into milled stuff crowns sovs etc I like anything but mainly George III onwards like the old proofs as well
  21. I’m new to the forum

    Haha ok thanks
  22. I’m new to the forum

    Welcome @Platinumskies1 ! I am not on any the other places you mention - what coins are you into?
  23. I’m new to the forum

    No, I haven't, but I saw your nice blue watch when you were video-bombing Numis' YouTube video at Baldwin St James' Auction 15 I will definitely have a look at your channel over the weekend. Descartes
  24. Michael Shut

    Using an inflation calculator that £140 in 1969 would be £2190 today. The 1953 plastic sets you could probably get for the prices asked then, in absolute terms today. After inflation £14 in 1969 would be £219 !!! Late 60's coin boom. I suppose the other factor which pushed up prices was sheer availability. No internet then, which made collecting more difficult.
  25. I’m new to the forum

    Hi yes I am numis friend have you seen my channel
  26. I’m new to the forum

    Welcome to the forum! Are you by any chance Numistacker's chum (my favourite coin guy on YouTube)?
  27. Hi everyone I’m new to this forum I’m platinumskies I’m on the silver forum,Instagram and YouTube so hellooo
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