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  3. My mates been a flasher for over 10 years by trade. He's thought about giving it up recently but has decided to stick it out another year
  4. JLS

    Glasgow retailer's token D&H 44

    Still looking for this if anyone's got one or seen one for sale !
  5. HistoricCoinage

    Thames Hammered River Find

    Wonderful finds and context!
  6. HistoricCoinage

    Edward III penny of York - cross in quatrefoil

    An interesting example! My thought is it's a continuation from the engraving of the die and not a deliberate element of the design, the portrait is definitely Edward III. I've seen similar ones before, e.g. the below.
  7. Anyone recognize this cursive script ? The price of 3 shillings appears to have been added later. Would appear to be a late 19th century or early 20th century hand. Not Cokayne or Batty.
  8. secret santa

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    With this ban on sport, I'm really missing playing in goal for my local football team - it's the only way I can keep a clean sheet at my age......
  9. I just threw a ball for my dog...a bit over the top but he was 21 today.
  10. Last week
  11. copper123

    Novel way of protection

    now this might be better
  12. 1949threepence

    Music to sort coins to

    My favourite trance track, also from 2003 - Pretty Green Eyes, Ultrabeat.
  13. 1949threepence

    Music to sort coins to

    Used to love trance and techno back in the day (early 2000's) - talking of which, anybody remember this effort from 2003:-
  14. Armchair Dylanologists will be sorting away to Murder Most Foul.
  15. And relax....deep blue ocean, deep blue ocean....:)
  16. 1949threepence

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Well I was really adventurous. I went into the back garden and picked up some rubbish that Storm Jorge had blown in several weeks ago. Thought, that's my exercise quota, and then some, for the day.
  17. In the year since this was posted I have seen no other decent 1882 Jamaica "no H" pennies. I think this one may be pretty rare.
  18. I went upstairs today, and had a look around. Good exercise, and it's nice to get out.
  19. That's understandable. I guess some people don't want to give their full name and address because of security reasons. A PO Box address should be relatively safe though.
  20. 1949threepence

    Who is this dealer?

    It's interesting actually, because some have their details (name and address) on their e bay page, and some don't.
  21. Thank you for that - I didn't realise it was that simple.
  22. Superb portrait of the King on horse! This portrait is particularly impressive when well struck as it shows a three dimensional effect. (And I have got to say that your photos are much better than the seller's!)
  23. His full name and address details are on his ebay page. Just click on "Business details"
  24. All, Does anybody know who the eBay dealer '1.10TH' is? Thanks
  25. Progressing my Charles I halfcrown type collection, just landed: Group IV Type 4 S. 2779 N. 2214 Hawkins 4 Bull 436/30 (this coin) wt 15.03g Provenance: Ex Emyr George Collection, bt Spink Auction 84 21/05/1991 Illustrated as the plate coin in The Halfcrowns of Charles I 436/30, page 377, Volume II
  26. Coinery

    Counterfeit Elizabeth I halfpenny

    Many thanks, Nick.
  27. Varietalis

    1945 3d Discovered

    Moreoever, I wonder if we'll ever find out where the specimen sold in 1970 went. Irrespective of your opinion on coin grading services, a slab would at least make a tiny coin like this more conspicuous and easier to research for someone who might eventually inherit it.
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