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  2. I think you're right. An imitation. The central legend on mine has a stop after R. The real thing has a stop immediately before the R. A lead copy of a gold medal from 1645. The copyist must have had access to the real one at some point to know what he was replicating. Am I allowed to post the screenshot of the British museum medal? Bob.
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  4. blakeyboy

    Terry Jones RIP

    Very sad but not unexpected. His stuff with Palin was superb. The Bert Fegg book is still a favourite- I've bought a few as presents over the years...
  5. blakeyboy


    I'm also amazed at coins like this - they always look so so much older- technology in all areas of life just 'froze' for a thousand years, the whoosh steam power changed everything....
  6. Rob


    Bogbrush hair and shortened cross ends - Henry VIII second coinage. Diameter says halfpenny. No marks by bust means not a provincial episcopal issue, so London. Statistically, Arrow is the most likely mark, but unless the image is improved on, then this is conjecture.
  7. blakeyboy


    I had been trying to find anything anywhere that vaguely matched- I'm amazed how tiny it is... the Explorer is some machine. I have an XP Goldmaxx Power and I'm finding it tricky to get it to find things that small... It's so easy to recognise later Henry v111 coins, but it's easy to forget that early on in his reign he wasn't the round figure that's so familiar!
  8. Rob


    In the absence of a sensible answer - Henry VIII second coinage halfpenny, London. Can't make out the mint mark.
  9. blakeyboy


    Actually, there is a hint of Noddy Holder about that portrait....
  10. I'd be interested for my civil war collection, if you would be willing to sell it on
  11. Interesting piece ! its definitely not one of Thomas Simons examples , its too crude but its very intriguing.
  12. Not sure if these belong in my advertising token or French collection ! It was illegal at this point to counterstamp regal coinage, hence the use of French 10 centime pieces. The left countermark dates from 1884 according to Withers.
  13. There were three of these in the Murdoch sale (Sotheby 1904), see the attached excerpt from the catalog with a full attribution. None in lead, could possibly be an 18th or 19th century imitation as is common with Civil War medals, especially given the lack of provenance.
  14. Last week
  15. Peckris 2

    Terry Jones RIP

    Sad day, though he has had dementia for a few years. 😢
  16. A recent purchase from eBay. 25mm X 21mm. In lead. Closest I can find via Google is a 'General Fairfax medal ' in gold, held at the British Museum. No sign of a suspension loop on this piece tho.
  17. CGS /LC describes this as "1893LVI Davies Obverse 1 (T of VICTORIA points to a bead), Reverse streamer similar to Reverse A with a more levelled appearance, the date digits also closer together (listed by CGS as their variety 20 dies 1+G, unlisted elsewhere)"
  18. Didn't he play a Great Female Part lol
  19. This is why Peter Withers is always saying that owning a token without researching it is a bit like owning a book without reading it...you can spend hours and hours on some of these pieces.
  20. No, the portrait is definitely of Eaton with that high forehead. "Frangas non Flectes" was Eaton's personal motto too. Compare this illustration: The connection with Paine is tangential but interesting.
  21. secret santa

    More Pennies

    Sunday lunch listening to Hancock's Half Hour was one of my greatest childhood memories.
  22. Nice design. Didn't realise just how much craft went into unofficial stuff like this before I saw this thread.
  23. Do reverse A/no B.P. 1904 half sovereigns exist? I haven't seen one but haven't been to track many images of 1904 half sovereigns to check. Marsh says that they do but he said that reverse B/B.P. 1904P half sovereigns exist and I've looked at a few and I think they probably don't (and it is listed as unverified in the local Australian catalogue).
  24. 1949threepence

    Brexit 50p design

    Revalue the currency so that a "new" penny became worth about 50p. Obviously we'd need completely new currency.
  25. We could always take the French approach - move the decimal point a couple of places to the left. Then the old pound becomes a Penny and the new pound is equivalent to 100 old pounds. Effectively winds the clock back about 100 years in terms of buying power... I am only joking!
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