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  2. Rob

    Henry V Halfpenny sub type?

    The sub groups are determined by the punctuation. Unless you can identify or eliminate saltires and/or apostrophe contraction marks, the coin must remain a generic type 5. If it only has a single saltire on the reverse, that makes it a reverse (i). Best bet is to identify the bit after HENRIC.
  3. Hi Can anyone possibly give me the sub-type of this Henry V halfpenny. Rob i.d it for me as withers type 5. The coin is 0.47g and 13mm across, with a soltire stop after TAS.
  4. Rob

    Pennies High grade.

    I think the only relevant attribution here is a CAC sticker. The others simply don't convey the same sense of realism.
  5. Madness

    Madness' Coin Grading Training Ground

    Moot point now. I have, unsurprisingly, been outbid.
  6. secret santa

    Pennies High grade.

    Thanks for the advice. Read the Home pages and you'll see the references to Freeman's and Gouby's rarity codes.
  7. I've circled the feature I'm talking about: Whether you interpret this as part of the harp's body or part of the shortest string, it's a unique representative of a die or reworked die among my database of 500 or so 1787 sixpences. I've only identified dies for about 14% of the reverse images so far, but it appears that the strings and date-dots (in addition to some of the numerals) were added by hand after the dies had been punched as they differ from die to die. I assume that this little detail was engraved at the same time. Perhaps it's a bit like a kid writing "Harry waz 'ere" in wet cement. I was the only bidder on the example at this auction here: http://www.inumis.com/us/vso//grande-bretagne-georges-iii-six-pence-1787-londres-a61577.html I don't care if anyone says I overpaid. I threw every penny I had at it so that I could acquire the coin's quirkiness.
  8. I think the left's reaction to the Thatcher years was a whinge in the realisation that the cozy life in the union-run country of the 1970s was disappearing in a puff of smoke. People complain about Thatcher in the 80s, but what about the 70s where a walkout was determined by a show of hands. The example where Derek Robinson shut Longbridge with a clearly small minority favouring a strike - yet the vote was deemed to be passed, that and similar actions set the seeds of Thatcherism because it was clear the country was in danger of being run by the unions. From my own experience, I was given a warning for working too hard when at the post office after graduation. I was told in no uncertain terms that it took 10 minutes to load this van, 20 for that, 45 for another. And the funereal pace of the mail bag folding area would have embarrassed even the most lethargic, with a rate of 2 per minute, the bags neatly folded with such perfection that it would have put many a laundry to shame. They could have relieved the boredom by doing a bag every 15 seconds, but that was the agreed rate. Only available to permanent staff, the list of people putting their name down for this jolly was lengthy. That was my life in the 70s, and I didn't like it either. It is the difference in view of work ethics that explains this country's lack of productivity when compared with other developed nations. Ultimately, nothing happens in isolation.
  9. The two harps are different - one has a Celtic design on the main upright, the other is nearly plain.
  10. Thanks for playing, gentlemen! Please make your selection from our showcase of marvelous prizes. The "game" was actually intended for @Peckris 2 to illustrate the scroll form at the end of the shortest string. Only example I've seen.
  11. It was however, the result of Thatcherism, and she was the main architect of that.
  12. Crown cushion ends vary a little. The harp strings are different and partly filled on the bottom coin, the date is differently aligned, the stops by date are a different size. You could check to see if the Garter Star rays are from the same punch. If the central garter is not part of the same punch as the rays, it could be rotated on any die by a quarter turn or multiples thereof.
  13. Peckris 2

    1893/2 Penny

    The existence of a rare-by-then overdate in 1893 makes me wonder if the OH was intended to be for 1893 like the silver but they postponed it until 1895 and used some 1892 dies for pennies?
  14. I think I recognise the style - I have some silver "jubilee" plaques of Liz dated 1978 with the legend VIVAT REGINA. Same designer perhaps, maybe same private mint?
  15. Simple. Serving a market using a combination of greed, gullibility and ignorance. The Daily Mail and other rags have been telling the public for years that the coins in their pocket are all worth many multiples of face value. This despite the banks continuing to issue them at face value - and they are hardly slow to make a quick buck. Consequently, many people are now convinced that they should be wealthy beyond imagination. Many buyers want to buy into the dream. Gullible, because many have bought into this dream, and believe any coin to be worth a lot of money without doing any research. After all, with electronic banking, coins are clearly anachronistic, so must have increased in value. Ignorant because mob rule rules. You don't need to do homework because we are all on the same bandwagon - allegedly.
  16. Because just once in a while someone falls for it and they make a fortune for a piece of scrap metal. Or you can take a more charitable view and say they are just pig-ignorant! (Apologies for the insult to pigs, which are actually quite intelligent and likeable creatures.)
  17. Yes, it's difficult to see Elizabethan royal memorabilia coming back in fashion in the current political climate! I think the medallion I have is an unofficial one as the official one as far as I can tell is 2 sided and features a dragon. I still haven't found one online with the same image so maybe it's rare! Speaking of which, why are there so many con-artists on eBay trying to flog coins, which they state are "very rare", for hundreds of pounds or more when there are dozens of the same coin on there and many at just a few quid?!
  18. On having taken a quick shufty, here's what I've spotted.
  19. Let's play a game of "spot the differences":
  20. Sword

    Pennies High grade.

    Hmm, there is quite a big difference between cgs 2 and 3. cgs 3 need to show quite a few letters in the legend like the one below. Might be yours is a 2+ or a 2 with a CAC or Semra approved sticker? 😃
  21. PWA 1967

    Pennies High grade.

    Looking at that one mine should of been a 3 😂
  22. rpeddie

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    oops bhf 😨 for a great cause at least
  23. Sword

    Pennies High grade.

    Now the wonderful obverse of the cgs 2:
  24. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    So has the Commonwealth fake. Great work guys. Thanks 👍
  25. Sword

    Pennies High grade.

    A cgs 2
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