Coin Advice

UK Coin collecting:

British Gold Coins - British gold bullion coins, weights, purity and information 1816-now.

The Identification guide - Diameters and metal types of British coins to help identification. Now covers 1760-1967

Silver and popular valuation requests - information on current silver market values and some notes about popular valuation requests.

British Kings and Queens - History lesson! The years they ruled 1714-now.

UK Key Dates - An Important reference list of all the British key dates 1821 - 1970. A great help when you find the time to sort through your accumulation!

Grading guide - Grading British (and World coins) including grading chart from 11 different countries.

Denomination guide - Predecimal British monetary system info.

Ridiculous 'New Pence' Two pence rumour - The truth behind the £400.00 2 pence piece!

General Coin collecting:

Numismatic Dictionary - The most commonly used phrases and abbreviation in coin collecting and their meanings. With a few pictures thrown in for good measure!

Euro Coins - Information about the golden alloy used in the New Euro 10, 20 and 50c coins.

Cleaning coins - Or rather NOT cleaning coins.

Buying Coins online - A short few words of advice on buying coins online, particularly in an online auction.

Storage - You've collected a few coins, how can you store them to ensure no damage will be caused by the environment and other external factors?

Got a question? - Maybe one of the 30,000+ people that visit this site every month can answer it. Why not ask a question in the forum? You may even find it has already been answered!

Penny 1968 (Irish) Gem BU
Eire 1968 penny from the last date that were produced before Irish decimalisation. All Irish pre-dec...