Antique 1890s Coin Cabinet


An old wooden very well-made lockable coin cabinet, circa 1890s going by the style and French text on the bottoms of the 23 coin trays that it comes with. A fantastic and very attractive piece of furniture.

It offers space for a massive 1,272 coins - 600 coins up to 39mm diameter (in the 15 red trays) and 672 coins up to 26mm diameter (in the 8 green trays). It is 45cm long x 29.5cm wide and 16.5cm high. It weighs 12.4kg including the trays but without coin content. The trays are not drawers, they are stacked on top of eachother.

It has brass hinges and a flush brass lock mechanism with one key. It could be an English cabinet with French trays, or it could be an entirely French product. The previous owner from Kent got it from his father in the 1950s and had it full to the brim with coins right up to this year - I can therefore confirm from looking at the contents that the materials in the cabinet/trays don't appear to have caused an accelerated toning or any other damage to the coins within (some of which were quite expensive coins).

As you can see in the pictures, it does have the odd scratch, dig and mark, the felt on the bottom is torn in places and some of the trays have scuff marks. In general though, it's a lovely old used and still very useable item.

It will be sent well packed and fully insured.

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