50 Pennies

The British pre-decimal penny was a handsome 3.1cm (1.5in) large Bronze coin from 1860 - 1967, when decimalisation reduced its size to the tiddlers we have today. 5 different British Monarchs have appeared on the larger pennies: Queen Victoria (1860-1901), Edward VII (1902-1910), George V (1911-1936), George VI (1937-1952) and Elizabeth II (1953-now).

This item is a group of 50 circulated Large British pennies and they have been picked to ensure 10 coins from each of the 5 Kings/Queens mentioned above. Included is: 10 Victorian Pennies, 10 Edwardian Pennies, and so on...

Due to the Reign lengths and the fact that there were gaps in production, and some years are very rare there will most likely be some duplicate dates included. They have been partially sorted, so you won't find any 1933 Pennies, or any other very rare coins, but I have not taken any notice of the 'H' and 'KN' mint George V pennies so you may end up with one of those slightly scarcer varieties if your lucky!

The coins will be circulated examples and be very much like the set shown above. I will not include any damaged coins, holed coins, coins with 'Bronze disease' (green verdigris) or previously polished coins. All the coins will have even tones and wear and be hand picked. The early Victorian coins will be quite worn and the conditions will improve with the newer coins, right up to the 1960's coins which will be in Extremely fine - Uncirculated condition.

This is a great idea to start a collection with and would make a nice gift for a young collector.

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